Keep Your Feet In The Stirrups And Reach For The Hills With Your Mobile

Plenty of young, hip folks are already doing it, so why should you be any different. Unless, of course, you happen to already be playing Star Stable, so for this you are excused.

Can’t say where this saying originated from, but perhaps it’s possible to look this up. Who originally coined the phrase to keep the feet in the stirrups and then head for the hills? But do mind the branches as you rush with your favorite stallion under the trees and on towards those hills. Did someone famous in history utter such comments? Or was it someone from the Star Stable story? Look this up on the game’s story board.

this site

But who’s got the time. At the moment you’re also looking for new games to play, and is one more of those places you can go to to find a new gateway to new games that you can conveniently place on your mobile and play, again on your mobile, later on when you’re not too busy with Star Stable. This is a game for folks with their heads up above the clouds and mad about their horses.

You need a kind of gung-ho get up and go attitude to get ahead in this world today. Playing online mobile games can keep you fierce and fit. It keeps your mind busy. You don’t need to bore yourself to death while you’re on the tube or bus, wondering whether you’re going to get to that meeting on time. You don’t like waiting. You’re an impatient dude. Maybe playing those games is good practice, because you’re waiting around, waiting to see what the villains of Jorvik’s next moves are going to be.

Or are you one of those guys who never had luck, always falling way behind all of the time. Go back to that site, and have another look at Star Stable’s home page, look out for all the intros, and see what’s worth reading on how to play this fascinating game all good and proper.